Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to re-organize your Team

As the new year is about to kick-off, now is a good time to look to re-energise and re-organize your team. As leaders it is important for us to continually look at ways to improve our teams and their performance.
Firstly let's look to collect like skills, make a list of all your team members and their skills, then group the like skilled people together. Should all these people be in a group together so their skills can be shared to improve the overall output?
Next let's look at the outputs we need to produce. Do we align our groups in-line with our outputs?
Now make a matrix with our skills down one side and our outputs across the top. Then work through the matrix and assign your team.

Check for any obvious personality clashes and move people around to come up with a best fit.
Brief your functional leaders on why you have formed the team and how they are aligned. By working through the "Why" your functional leaders will fell part of the buy-in and understand your reasoning for creating the teams the way you have them. Spend plenty of time to ensure that everyone gets what you want to achieve and why the groupings are the way they are. It is very important that your senior people are fully aware and are ready to take the task on.

Now look through the team members and identify those that may need some help to move to the new team structure. Book a time with each member and clear your diary.
When you meet with each member, you need to focus on two things: one why you need the team to be structured the way you want and secondly how they will integrate into this to help drive this team to peak performance. Explain how good their work is and how you believe the new structure Will make the whole team perform better.

As the leaders of our teams it is important to continually look at ways to improve our team and strive peak performance.