Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Team Bonding through Social Activities

Does your team have a social club? Have you considered what having a social club might do for your team?

Lots of work places have a social club that is endorsed by their team leaders, what have they found? Groups that have a social club tend to be strong in that the team members have another avenue for members to bond and share experiences.

Perhaps it is in your interest to financially support a social club maybe on a $1 for $2 ratio or what ever is affordable. By doing this your team members will get to see that you care for them in more ways than simply working at your daily chores.

Social clubs often organise various functions away from the workplace that allow all members to meet in a different setting and experience. The outcome of this is that the workforce becomes better attuned to each other as they see their work friends in a foreign environment.

If your team doesn't have a social club consider what the cost to you would be and think through what the benefits will bring to your team. At the end of the day it is important to us that our teams bond and continue to work well together, maybe a social club is just what we need.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Celebrations with your team are so important

It's that time of year depending where you are in the world, Thanksgiving, Deepavali, Hari Raya just past and Christmas around the corner. Have you taken time out to celebrate with your team.

Celebrating with your team is an important activity, as it helps everyone feel connected and appreciated, sure we may come from different backgrounds and the like but we can all celebrate these occasions together. The reward for putting a celebration together will be well received and maintains the spirit of the team.

Most people don't mind what the reason is behind the celebration, they really get a buzz from the group celebrating together. The benefits far outweigh an hour off work and the cost of a lunch or picnic. Most teams respond very positively to these events. it gives everyone a chance to meet as equals in a different environment, the bond can be quite incredible.

Maybe your team just completed a big project, if so take the opportunity to celebrate, you will be soon notice the team morale lift, this will keep the team going as you settle back into the normal run-rate.

As leaders it is important for us to take these annual opportunities and create a celebration for our teams.