Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spend some quality time to build your team's Morale

In the last post we looked at maintaining your team's profile. Building on from that, now is the time to spend some serious time maintaining morale. Just stop and consider for a few minutes all the bad press of late. It's enough to get you down, so think on the effect on your team members.

The time's right for you to take some pro-active action and boost up your teams morale. Have your ear to the ground and get a feel for how the group mood is.

You can't afford for the morale of you team to get too bad, so i suggest when you hear the first grumblings you take some affirmative action. Now is the time to consider some ideas before it gets to desperate stakes.

Why not consider a family Bar-B-Cue on Friday after work, you don't loose any work time and all you have to come up with a venue and some food. But consider the outcome the families and your workers will feel how much you value their efforts. Maybe its an afternoon at the bowling alley.

The venue and activity is not important, what is important is that every member of your team knows they are a valued member and that they belong.

The morale of your team is a very important factor in your team's performance. It can take a deep blow and destroy you if you allow it to wallow. As a good leader it is important to keep an eye on the team and act swiftly to keep morale high it will certainly pay-off in the future.

Have you been through this either as a leader or a team member? How did it go?

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