Saturday, November 22, 2008

The leader's Passion

Are you passionate about what your team does? With lots of doom and gloom in the press, it's important that we as leaders stand up and demonstrate our passion for our team, our job and especially our people.

The more you demonstrate your passion for the team's efforts the more this will rub off onto your team members and help them maintain their passion. It's too easy for everyone in the team to pickup the negative vibes and start believing they apply to them. This will have a serious impact, as once the passion is gone, then the desire to work hard and push through any challenges is also eroded away.

Take some time to assess your product, your output levels, the quality of your products and services. Be sure to rekindle your passion for all the aspects in your workplace and then most importantly share that passion among your team. Remember to be genuine in how you demonstrate your passion and don't give the impression of just blowing smoke or you risk some damage as you may be seen as being less than honest.

As leaders we need to be passionate about our team's jobs and we need to show this passion to inspire the team to greater results.


  1. Nice blog! Thanks for sharing your knowledge on leadership!

  2. Hi Alison, thanks for your comment, leadership is one of my passions, I'd like to hope we can all improve our leadership in our work, our families and our home lives.

  3. Great blog, I have learn some leadership knowledge.Thanks

  4. Hi Christ, I think learning about leadership is a lifelong journey, learning a little everyday and building for our futures.