Thursday, July 2, 2009

Keeping the Communication lines open

As leaders it's important to maintain communication with our team members. Have you considered what its like for your team members if they don't feel that your communicating with them. How do you feel when your boss keeps you in the loop, doe it make you feel empowered, of course it's no different for your own team.

Recently I caught up with an old work colleague, he was pretty down in the mouth about his current work situation. Apparently he has a new boss of almost one year. His new boss never shares his thoughts on the business or how well my friend is doing. Because of this lack of communication my friend is feeling very insecure.

How do we avoid creating a situation like this?

Keep your year goals in the front of your mind, how are we as a team coming along with these, what can we do to make a bigger impact, how is each team member contributing. With these few ideas updated regularly we have a ready stream of big picture views to share with our team.

Moving down a step, make sure we understand the various roles that our team members perform, this allows us to personalise by asking our team members to share their views on their most loved or hated part or their role. What is important in this step is to take the person view of how each member is enjoying their work.

If we can take the time to keep communicating with our team members they will feel more connected to us, their leaders and feel more valued as a team member.

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