Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feedback the key to improving your leadership

So we all want to become better leaders. If only it was as simple as giving it a few moments thought. What are your strategies to improving your leadership? What do you have in your arsenal, that makes you the leader your team wants to follow?

Feedback is by far the best method you can employ to identify your strong points and your points that need some work. Feedback is often given when mid and end of year reviews are done, however these periods are often filled with other discussions, such bonuses, extra duties and so on.

Recently a friend of mine was invited to a group chat with his boss. At first my friend was a little taken back, why would his boss want to talk with him, as he rarely paid him the time of day. On investigation some colleagues said this happened a few times a year and that the boss was seeking feedback on the state of the company and would throw around some ideas on what might improve any perceived issues.

Have you set aside some time to have your team members speak candidly to you about how your team is performing, what's the morale like, are people feeling empowered, what can be done to make work a better and more productive place, what can you do better to help the team.

Seeking feedback can be a very enlightening time and it can also make you feel pretty lousy. The trick is to stand back and not take offense to anything said. Be sure to take notes. Particularly if your told some things you don't want to hear. It may take some time for you to adopt the right frame of mind and consider how to address the issue.

If you can work out how to obtain honest and candid feedback, you will be presented with a fantastic opportunity to take steps to improve your leadership. After all the stronger you are as a leader the more likely it is that your team will perform strongly.

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