Sunday, September 6, 2009

Keeping your goals on track

So September has just rolled in, time to go back and study this years' goals.
What I like about doing this as the third quarter closes, is we can get a really good idea how our run-rate is going and yet we still have three months to redress any areas that slipped away.

So lets get to work, firstly take a trip down memory lane and revise your mission statement - what is it that I'm to do!

Now take each goal and analyse your progress are you on-target ahead or sadly in arrears. Put those that are on target or ahead aside and lets look at those that are amiss.

Pull this goal apart one bit at a time, try to find out why it is in such a state, were some of our assumptions wrong? was expected support sadly missing? Did we push it aside as it was a bit to tough?

Once you have a list of deficiencies, now address each one with an action plan, how can you drum up the support you need, how can you get some more sales/prospects in front of you. These actions plans are what's going to get you back on track to accomplish your years plan. Make them detailed, put dates on them for a finish!

Reviewing your yearly plan is a job every good leader must do, not only does it help you keep track of your goals it gives momentum to get in and correct things before the end of the year.

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