Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Attitude Required

One of the defining characteristics of a leader is the ability to motivate others through our attitude.

I recall a recent team I was involved in where the leader had a poor attitude towards the major tasks. This attitude filtered into the whole team and many of the members then struggled to find a reason to get stuck into planning and organising the various tasks and assign them to the right people.

Luckily I was also working with another team, in this team the leader was positive and upbeat about the challenges in this project. Everyone pitched in and developed the plan components and moved into the implementation phase.

Over the weekend I contemplated about the projects I was working on and looked at my actions in these two projects. I resolved that I needed to ensure I was not affected by the attitude of the leaders and be certain I maintain my edge by delivering the best products and services for my portion of the projects.

The other angle of this is that when it's our turn to be the leader our attitude will shape the outcomes from our team members. Be positive and upbeat and your project team will feed from your attitude and the team will perform at their best.

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