Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Manager or Leader

Looking around the workplace we see lots or people going about their tasks. Often we look too our managers and expect them to be our leaders, argh a common mistake. Think of why the person is the manager? because they get things done for their boss! Sure they come and tells us what needs to be done, but in most cases they don't do it, they don't lend a hand, and often don't even know how to do the job.

Then take another look... notice the person who takes the initiative, maps out a plan, allocates themself part of the job and helps everyone to see the why and how the job can be done. Here is leadership on display and in action.

While there are many theories of leadership, it's really all about common sense and a drive to work in a team to get a result. So next time a job gets set your way, grab it with both hands and see how you can effect it with your sphere of influence and get it done!

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