Saturday, March 8, 2008

Leadership the other view to management

I recently read a book discussing leadership and one section considered the confusion of most people between manager's actions and perceptions, versus those that are usually more aligned to leaders.

Perceived view Leaders vs Managers:

Leaders develop while managers maintain the situation,
Leaders innovate while managers administaer their process,
Leaders inspire trust while managers rely on control,
Leaders ask what and why while managers ask how and when,
Leaders challenge the status quo while managers accept it as normal,
Leaders focus on people while managers focus on systems and outcomes.

So the question arises how do we shift our perception to move from the management view and adopt the leader within - to not only get the job done, but move into the realm of leading our team in a more supportive, innovative and inclusive action.

Next time the job comes our way we need to ask the questions from the leaders viewpoint and include can we do it better? how will it affect the people? Then come up with a real reason to share with our team, the best way to do it, spread the tasks within the team so everyone has a hand in the good and the bad. Best of all see how many people can actually enjoy!

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