Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Leaders and Team Dynamics

Sitting in a taxi on the way to airport, I watched as a group of labourers were standing around sharing a drink. Lots of the men were wet and dirty but seemed in no rush to get on their way home. As I sat in the traffic jam it became obvious, here was a group where each member felt comfortable and happy as part of the group.

As we finally moved on it occured to me that the leader in this group understood one of the fundamentals of leadership. Make each member feel comfortable and accepted as a part of the team and his morale and effort will benefit all concerned.

Interestingly the academics will tells us ohh - that's part of "Maslows' theory", true enough but either way as the leader it's important to get your team to bond and feel comfortable. If you can make each member feel they are valued and their contributions aide the achievement of the teams goals, that's a great start to your leadership aspirations.

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